People / Faculty

Ugo Aglietti Omar Benhar
INFN Researcher (Dirigente di Ricerca)

office: 123, bldg. Marconi
phone: +39 06 4991 4928
fax: +39 06 4454749

Areas of Research: Astroparticle Physics, Particle Phenomenology

Keywords: Properties of neutron star matter, Gravitational wave emission from neutron stars, Electroweak interactions with nuclei.

Selected Works:
  • Gravitational wave asteroseismology reexamined, with V. Ferrari and L. Gualtieri, Physical Review D 70 (2004) 124015
  • Electron- and neutrino-nucleus scattering in the impulse approximation regime, with N. Farina, H. Nakamura, M. Sakuda and R. Seki, Physical Review D 72 (2005) 053005
  • Constraining the MIT Bag Model of Quark Matter with Gravitational Wave Observations, with V. Ferrari, L. Gualtieri and S. Marassi, General Relaltivity and Gravitation 39 (2007) 1323
  • Total neutrino and antineutrino nuclear cross sections around 1 GeV, with D. Meloni, Nuclear Physics A789 (2007) 379
  • Shear viscosity of neutron matter from realistic nucleon-nucleon interactions, with M. Valli, Physical Review Letters 99 (2007) 232501
  • Quasi-elastic electron-nucleus scattering, with D. Day and I. Sick, Reviews of Modern Physics, 80 (2008) 189
  • Electroweak nuclear response in the quasielastic regime, with Pietro Coletti and D. Meloni, Physical Review Letters 105 (2010) 132301